Domaine Laguille

For generations, two families, with a passion for wine and brandy have worked together to craft exceptional products.
Today, Colette and Guy, using their knowledge and traditions passed down through generations, are producing a selection of fine wines and Armagnacs. Laguille Estate offers a good selection of « Bas-Armagnacs » which is improving year after year with the distillation of a new vintage.
From production to vinification, from distillation to the ageing process of the Armagnac, and bottling and distribution ; every stage of the process is carried out on the Estate in order to guarantee our products’ authenticity and quality.
Working with attention for the environment whilst implementing improved working conditions, Laguille domain has invested in a high and modern performing production process.
Looking to the future, photovoltaic panels have been mounted onto our wooden buildings so now today, the estate produces more energy than it consumes.