Cave de Montagnac

The Montagnac cellar was been created in 1937 on the Montagnac commune. Nowadays its soil stretches on 7 communes all along the Thau lake at the mountainous foothills of the right shore of Hérault. Around 2,000 hectares are vinified on 2 different sites which are the most important vinification areas in Hérault. A major part of the vineyard is located on clay-limestone soils with some pockets of marl as well. The climate is Mediterranean, dry and hot during summer, more temperate next to the sea. The Picpoul legend : an old legend tells that Picpoul grape was so browned and sweet at maturity that poultry on the shore of Thau lake enjoyed this sweet varietal when wine-harvest was coming, that’s how the name Pique Poule was born which has been modified then in Piquepoul and gave its name to the AOC Picpoul de Pinet.