Founded in 1995, CasalFarneto is a 35 acre estate whose key to success is to manage traditional winegrowing and winemaking techniques with modern facilities and an eco-sustainable approach towards nature and the surrounding area.
As an example, the winery has been entirely covered by a roof garden planted to vines allowing for a double experience: the pleasant visual continuity with the landscape and a constant underground temperature at 18-20°C where the barrels and tanks are located. Inside, in line with the low environmental impact of the vineyards, technology couples up with natural processing methods to ensure purity in the wines and in the eco-system. CasalFarneto’s effort to reduce impact on the air, vineyard, land and environment makes it gain the definition of a “technological farm” – a place where to envisage the future of winemaking starting from the tradition.
CasalFarneto’s wine production implements a low environmental impact policy, with specific treatments after chemical analysis, allowing for organic and less invasive fertilisation. Sustainability goes along the vinification process certifying its quality up to the bottling stage.